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I always have wondered what the hell transpired to take Mark Hamill from the star of the most beloved film series in history to complete obscurity almost immediately. Did he try to get more roles, or did he just feel like walking away from the whole acting thing on purpose? Or did a contract like we see above really exist?

The man is far from a failure though. He’s done a massive amount of voicework for animated shows, and I grew up listening to him as the Joker on the Batman animated series. I respect what he’s done, it’s just a bummer he never got around to being in any more worthwhile movies.

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  1. Who cares about his movie roles. His turn as the Joker is one of the most memorable voice acting performances ever. I mean wasnt he nominated for an emmy for it?

  2. Dude, it’s a good thing he’s taken on to become more of a voice actor then a traditional actor. Considering he’s played a lot of the villains or characters from Video Games and cartoons in the last 15+ years.

    Also consider we wouldn’t have had as epic a Joker in the Dark Knight since Heath Ledger based his Jokers laugh off of Hamills version.

  3. Mark Hamill is a mediocre live action actor. Luke Skywalker was not a character with a lot of range, none of the Jedi are. Also, at the time, tons of people were being typecasted and Hamill could never get over his Luke persona for other people to cast him in different movies. In fact, very few of the “undiscovered” stars of Star Wars ever got much work after the series. Also, Mark Hamill’s accident made him too unattractive for a leading man in other movies, so he was unwilling to take part in those roles. The business at those times was pretty ruthless about typecasting and he was unable to make up for it. That being said, he is by far one of my favorite voice actors on the planet.

  4. Same kind of case with David Hayter.

    He starred in the 1991 movie ‘The Guyver’ directed by Screaming Mad George & Steve Wang, based on the anime by Yoshiki Takaya. Did 1 or 2 more obscure movies as far as I know, never to be seen or heard of until the Metal Gear Solid games. He’s THE voice of Solid Snake, and through 4 installments of MGS and a couple of spin-offs he made a nice comeback I think.

  5. Actually, Mark Hamill had a very successful run on Broadway after the Star Wars series. As others previously mentioned, Hamill did not want to be typecast as a Luke Skywalker character, so he went to Broadway. From there, he went into voice acting.

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