Stallone is Literally About to Explode


Some have speculated that Sylvester Stallone might be using steroids to say buff despite being over sixty now these days.

After seeing this picture, I’m going to propose an alternate theory that he’s injecting himself with Bane serum instead, as if his veins get any more pronounced, they’re likely to tear off his body and start strangling people for him.

See that paper he’s holding? That use to be a phone book.


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  1. Actually not to be a buzzkill, but that just happens when you keep up lifting. the most potent thing likely he could be using is Pre-workout supplements such as N.O.s. They basically increase blood flow and circulation you it makes lifting a little easier. kinda like a low grade Viagra if you really want to be technical. if you keep a low bodyfat percentage, your veins become more visible too.

  2. Oh and just to further my point. Notice how red his face is too. thats the circulation again. I’m guessing the photographer snapped this after he got out of the gym before the stuff wore off.

  3. @ Defmincex13

    The last person to questions Stallones veins was blended into a nutritional protein shake and injected directly into Stallone’s carotid artery.

  4. The hands look odd against the background don’t they? Stallone has always been a fitness freak and I hope I look half as ripped as him when I’m 50 let alone 60.

  5. There’s no way he’s in his 60’s and looks like this naturally. Besides he’s admitted to using human growth hormone. He recommends anyone over forty to use it.

  6. @dangerous dave
    He may very well have, but steroids are very frequently confused for over the counter supplements. Lots of bodybuilders will be flat out insulted from the accusation of steroid usage and unless you can find some sort of tangible proof like a drug test confirms article or a video interview of such admittance, I wouldn’t believe it. consistency of working out is all you need to stay in shape. And lets face it how many workout montages has Stallone been through? he can easily stay in really good shape. 😛

    Besides I wrote all this stuff about the veins being due to low bodyfat percentage and possible use of N.O. because I have the seen this many times. As far as signs for steroid usage is concerned, we would be seeing deformations and weird growth not popping veins.

    Now of course I will not rule out the chance of him ever using steroids, I just get really annoyed whenever someone automatically thinks the slightest bit of muscle must be from steroid usage. Its dismissing someones hard work for cheating.

  7. If you had those arms…………………why the hell would you roll your sleeves up? Get this man a smaller ego ASAP the weight of the one he has is causing massive damage.

    On a side note, I haven’t seen a permanant snarl like that since Billy Idol in the “Dancing With Myself” days, WTH.

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