So Many Questions

The amount of  “usual” posts going up today just got severely cut down as I learned E3 starts today and not tomorrow, but I did have to get something up I discovered this weekend, as it’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle I do not understand.

Found on Reddit, it appears to be a Jurassic Park Jeep transporting a giant Portal Companion Cube down the freeway. Where’d you get the Jeep? Where’d you get the cube? Why is it so huge? Where are you taking it? Does it hurt being this awesome?

I usually am fine with not having context for funny pictures I feature, but I really, really want to know the story behind this one.

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  1. ya know with all the portal stuff you’ve been posting you think you’d know the difference between a champin cube, a weighted storage cube, and the pictured and beloved companion cube…

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