Shaun of the Dead Reunion Photoshoot


Movie site TotalFilm decided to give their prestigious(?) “Best Comedy of the Decade” award to Shaun of the Dead, a move I might be inclined to agree with. Because of this high honor, they managed to wrangle in the cast for a reunion photoshoot, one that turned out even better than Pegg and Frost’s recent appearance in the Empire 20th issue, due to the appearance of a horde of zombies.

I saw Shaun of the Dead back in high school when the film was still making it’s art theater circuit before I got mass distributed. The show I went to actually had a Q&A with Frost, Pegg and Wright, unfortunately I was too young and retarded to appreciate it at the time, and I left about halfway through. I did get to see Frost do his gorilla impression in person though.

Check out the rest of the shoot after the jump:



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