A Realistic Interpretation of Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo

As a child watching Scooby Doo you hardly recognize how scary the show truly is.   When you think about it kids are just too distracted by Scooby Doo’s funny voice and Shaggy’s dumb antics to understand how freaky the show is.

I mean these are teenagers solving real crimes with complete psychopaths in their midst.  And what the hell town is this they’re in when ghosts and weird crap appears at least once a week?  Can you imagine that in real life?

Which is why I love this picture.  It’s a somewhat real depiction of what Scooby Doo might actually be like.  It’s almost like the Ghostbusters or something.

Found it: [Travis Pitts on Threadless]

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  1. To me it looks like a zombie apocalypse is going on, which would explain why Scooby is chewing on a zombie hand (it’s green), why Velma is holding a shotgun, and why SFD are RIP (devoured by zombies.)


  2. That’s pretty cool. Velma’s the last one because she’s the smartest. If we’re talking a realistic take on this, I’d say Daphne went first because she was basically useless. Except for falling through trapdoors and being swiped by the bad guy, Daphne basically just shook her ass at Freddy. Ol’ Fred-ster would probably go next–he’d be so sad about losing his best girl to a werewolf of zombie that he’ basically be easy meat for a ghost or haunted suit of armor to sneak up and garrote him with his neckerchief. Shaggy would go next with his head stuck in a refrigerator and no one to watch back. He’d probably get eaten by an electricity monster or drowned by a glowing deep sea diver. So that leaves Scooby and Velma, who would probably do pretty well together. Velma would eventually go nuts and commit suicide and there would only be Scooby, after all, only a Great Dane, left to fend for himself.

  3. “And what the hell town is this they’re in when ghosts and weird crap appears at least once a week? Can you imagine that in real life?”

    Well, I generally got the impression they were traveling all over the place the whole time and just happened across mysteries to solve each episode. That’s why the settings changed so much from place to place.

    And most of the criminals were non-violent, really. Why they used scare-tactics- to avoid actual confrontations and to keep from being involved in real legal troubles for their real crimes. Sometimes the people in question were just losers who thought they had to scare everyone away when either what they were after wasn’t really worth a damn, or they didn’t need to go to such lengths to get it.
    But, yes, it’s quite likely they would be psychopaths, as well, but then they’d be killing people and I’m not sure that would help. Might end up with more trouble than a bunch of nosy kids.

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