‘Saw VI’ Poster is…What Exactly?


When did Saw posters go from creepy and unnerving to Salvador Dali paintings? What is this even trying to say here? I understand the Saw V, Jigsaw’s-face-as-a-mask idea (which was awesome), but now, putting on his hands? As boxing gloves? What?

Combine this with a lackluster trailer, and you have me, a Saw apologist, thoroughly un-pumped for this movie. I was going strong up until V, which was just awful, and I now expect less than nothing from VI.

[via ShockTillYouDrop]

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  1. Maybe it’s Biblical? As in, “Him” is God. And as this is the 6th movie, it’s also the last, the end of His creations (on the 7th day, God rested)? And those are “work gloves” that have been taken off?

    Or maybe I’m looking way, way too much into an otherwise idiotic poster?

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