The Most Badass Systems Administrator

Systems Admin

“Hold on to your butts.”

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  1. I’ll never forget when I was a kid and I saw Samuel L. Jackson deliver that line, cigarette smoking and hanging lazily out of his mouth.

    I still use that one today, 17 years later.

  2. If the movie wasnt PG-13 you know he would’ve dropped a few solid “mfers” when he’s rooting through Newman’s workstation…

    I still think the majority of awesome Samuel L Jackson lines come from (and are continuing to come from) the boondocks, but that’s just my opinion & I know someone will disagree with me, seeing as he was also:
    Jules Winfield
    Zeus (He didnt says Jesus he said ‘Hey Zeus!’) Carver
    Fred Sultan
    Ordell Robbie
    Mr. Glass

  3. And this just in, look like he’s also gonn be in “The Last Dragon” remake.

    God I hope they make it R and I hope he plays Sho’nuff.

    “Now, kiss my mutha fuckin converse.”

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