RPG Bosses You Always Fight On Your Quest (Comic)

For those dedicated gamers out there, you will all be familiar with the boss characters that you typically end up fighting in some of your favorite video games on the market. These enemy and computer controlled characters are always spread throughout the various levels of many games out there, and often more than not, we find that they can be quite predictable. In case you have never really noticed the predictability before, we have found a comic strip that spells it out for you. You can see the ‘RPG Bosses That You Always Fight On Your Quest’ comic strip posted below for your own viewing pleasure:

The basics of this comic strip take gamers through the many different personas of RPG bosses that can be found in the majority of video games out there. It all begins with the Pathetically Early Boss who is placed into the game to essentially help your character defeat the next boss, which is the Weirdly Hard Boss That You Aren’t Prepared For. The comic strip also points out other bosses that are commonly seen in these games, including the Henchman Summoner Boss, The Filler Repeat Boss, The Final Boss’s First Form, and the final phase, The Unbelievably Hard Optional Boss. Whether you are a video game aficionado, or have only played a handful of games here or there, we are sure that at one time or another, you have come face to face with the predictable computer generated and controlled characters. For some, these characters are enjoyable, and make the game all the more challenging and fun for everyone; On the other hand, there are others who just want to smack themselves silly every time they have to face one of these RPG bosses. Luckily for you, you can find many different blogs and other outlets online that can help you find the tricks and programming hacks to get you passed these bosses and onto the next levels of your game.

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