Riffraff! Street Rat! Scoundrel! Take That!


So I don’t generally deal with reality show bullshit, as I have too many other fictional shows to keep up with, but I have a soft spot in my heart for particularly touching “(insert country)’s Got Talent” auditions.

There’s just something about seeing a person with a shitty life instantly become famous that really gets me, and though past breakthroughs I’ve seen have been in the American and British versions of the shows, here’s one from Korea that’s particularly moving.

It’s a kid who pretty much grew up on the street, and was occasionally sold as a slave, but despite all that, he has an incredible hidden talent that gets to be showcased here. Try not to tear up, I dare you. Not saying I did…but, you know…

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  1. Truth > fiction. This shit is unreal.

    But do they HAVE to play the saddest, most emotional, music I’ve EVER heard throughout the video?

  2. A great voice is undeniable in any language!

    Even though I don’t watch any of these shows, it’s truly amazing what people are capable of when you give them a chance. Also, while it’s obvious that the guy has lived a hard life, it wasn’t as emotional as I expected it to be. I don’t know what the reason for this is, perhaps it was the way you built it up, then again, it could be the language barrier, or maybe it was the “cold” male judge, I don’t know. Whatever the reason, there was never any chance of tearing up on my end. The best part (besides the singer, obviously) would have to be when he finished the song and the middle judge could barely speak. A very sincere moment…tissue worthy, for some.

  3. I actually frequent a Korean site that had a write-up about this guy, and apparently they edited out the fact that after he got his GED he graduated from an art school and studied at a vocal academy. It doesn’t detract from how amazing his story is, but if you know about that, having an amazing voice isn’t as unexpected.

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