Realistic Popeye is AAAaaaAAAAhhHH!!


From artist Rick Baker comes an image that no one who ever wants to make it through life with their childhood intact should ever see. I’ve seen realistic depictions of Mario and Homer Simpson, but this one takes the cake due to its exceptionally creepy pedo vibe.

I’d actually want to see other characters rendered as well, but Olive Oyl would probably look too much like a Holocaust survivor and Bluto would be be Mark McGuire.

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  1. As an artist, i don’t find this piece absolutely useless! It does look like he has been captured about his near eighties, if you consider the assumption that he would of lived that long in a real seaman’s life! Keep in mind that “Popeye” is a very proud man who has worked out on the seas a lot, i know i would be proud of an accomplishment like that too! I don’t know what to say about “the eye”, other than it does carry more from his cartoon than real life. Bluto would be another good one, mario and homer are no different from their characters either!

    (I’m Not Saying Anything About The “Pedo” Thing, That’s Your Gutter!)


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