Raphael Looking Mean

I was never the biggest Raphael fan out of all the Teenage Ninja Turtles, as I just didn’t think the Sais were that cool, but it’s hard to say that when you see him in this form, he’s not a complete badass.

The image comes from talented CG artist Andrew Domachowski who brings the angry turtle to life in a rather excellent way. Someone hire him to do concept art on that new Turtles movie they’re shooting. Oh yes, it is happening, you better believe it.

Now, will they do suits or Andy Serkis/Avatar motion-capture for the faces? Ever seen a turtle emote?

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  1. If they can do great looking suits in the early 90s, they better fucking do suits for the new movie. CGI is so overblown. Jim Henson needs to rise from the grave and kick all these CGI-loving assholes right in the jaw. Bring back puppets and suits for fuck sake

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