Quake 100%-ed in Under an Hour


We’ve featured speed runs in the past on the site here, but this is one of the most impressive one I’ve ever seen. Someone beat Quake, and not just beat it, but got every secret as well, in 52:19, in a run that looks like it was practiced a million times until it was perfect.

The knowledge of each level and its enemies is flawless, and if the guy makes mistakes, I haven’t found any. No, I haven’t sat through all 52 minutes yet, but from what I have seen, he’s pretty untouchable. Check out the ridiculousness above.

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  1. Well if it a compilation, the overall best time is 48 minutes total, shown at the end as fastest.

    Boss fight at the end is 52 seconds, he kills enemies through the walls. Right down to the last second.

    Some times he almost does, at one point, down to 16 health…

    But he always keeps goin

  2. well yeah it is 48minutes, its just the youtube video that is 52:19mins long 😉

    “Quake done 100% Quickest is a 100% completion speedrun of the game Quake by id Software. The speedrun was performed by members of the Quake done Quick team and this movie was put together by Jozsef “j0zzz” Szalontai

    * Aleksander Osipov
    * Arturo Garcia Lasca
    * Carl Tholin
    * Connor Fitzgerald
    * Karol Urbanski
    * Mathias Thore
    * Peter Horvath
    * Thomas Bergendorff
    * Thomas Stubgaard
    * Jaakko Alakopsa”

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