Probably Not the Best Way to be an M&M

Throughout the next few weeks the hype for Halloween is definitely going to be increasing.   The question is, who is going to step up and take the reigns on creating some of the best costumes imaginable?

Which brings us to the girls above doing their best M&M impression.  This reminds me of my days in college when a few buddies of mine dressed as Smurfs for Halloween.   In theory it seemed like a cool concept but in reality it was disgusting.

Basically you were looking at three virtually naked blue men with diapers on.   Again, a great try but a total fail in real life.   I bring this up because I don’t think a literal M&M costume is gonna cut it.  Kudos for the work involved but next time just buy some kind of puffy costume in a store if you want to be colored candy.

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  1. I do not find this concept of an m&m disgusting in any way possible. Their perception of an m&m and how to adapt it to human form in the easiest way possible is actually incredibly genius. It’s a costume for crying out loud and they did a damn good job.

    I see a lot of smurf costumes at parties all the time and yes it is a very generic costume. So their ability to be imaginative, creative and look good with a costume you wouldn’t really pay a lot for is extremely impressive.

    Kudos for your own opinion but next time maybe think are they really a coloured candy or chocolate? And when you rock up to a party in your generic costume maybe think how you could have used your imagination a bit more.

    So girls I congratulate you on your efforts in the costume and you have inspired a lot of other people around the world.

  2. NO WAY is this dumb, this is COOOOL! And I am SOOO gunna copy!!! (But with more clothes) Yay so glad I saw this photo its inspiration 4 my party hard out 😀 yaaay

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