Post-Op Vader Out for a Stroll

There was a revolutionary surgery that was able to heal most of Darth Vader’s limbs, but while he was under the knife, he requested that the robot doctors make one little adjustment in addition to the procedure: his gender.

Orrr this is just some hipster girl strolling around NYC to see what sort of reaction she gets as Lady Vader. The mask and voicebox are necessary and good, but it’s the fashionable cape that really sells it. She really does look rather cool.

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  1. I figured this was taken from a con. I mean, I know that we get some crazy people in crazy outfits (especially hipsters) here in NYC, but I’ve never seen someone purposely walk around in a halloween costume if it wasn’t halloween.

    On the other hand, I’m going to comic con on Sunday. I expect to see a jedi or two on the train ride there. Anyone here who’s going on Sunday, I’ll be dressed as the Ultimate Warrior.

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