20 Things You Didn’t Know About Pokimane


Pokimane is a popular Twitch streamer who is best known for playing popular video games online. Her most popular streams feature gaming content with the live play of “Fortnite,” and “League of Legends.” You may have caught some of her broadcast or maybe you’re an online subscriber. She is entertaining and you learn a lot about the games by watching. Whether you’re already a Pokimane fan or you’re not that familiar with her, we looked into her bio to learn more about her. We made some interesting discoveries about the internet star. Here are 20 things you probably didn’t know about Pokimane.

1. Pokimane isn’t her real name

According to Wikipedia, Pokimane is the nickname that she has chosen for her gamer tag. Her real name given at birth is Imane Anys. Pokimane is her online alias. Most internet celebrities producing gaming content choose to go by their gamer tags or a name other than the one they were born with.

2. She is 25 years old

You can’t always tell the age of a person by looking. Pokimane has a youthful appearance, and she is still a young woman, but her real age is 25 years old. She was born on May 14, 1996. Part of her popularity is her ability to relate to people of all ages. Gamers of all ages usually relate well to each other because they all share a passion for the games they play and comment about.

3. Pokimane has been a streamer since 2013

Pokimane has been streaming for nearly a decade. She opened her Twitch account in the summer of 2013. With eight years of live streaming under her belt now, she has established a solid reputation in the gaming community. She’s been around for a while and her live content just keeps getting better as she gains more experience. She is a veteran in her niche of the online streaming community and through the years, she has picked up many fans and subscribers.

4. She is Moroccan-Canadian

Pokimane was born in Morocco in 1996. She spent her infant and toddler years living with her family. Her parents moved their family to Canada, settling in the city of Quebec when Anys was just four years old. She has Moroccan-Canadian descent, and she currently lives in Canada.

5. She is from a family of educators

Pokimane comes from a family of academics. She followed in her parent’s footsteps and went to college after graduating from high school. She didn’t graduate from college, but she did attend McMaster University for a time. While enrolled at the school she took courses in chemical engineering. The reason she stated for leaving college was to devote herself fully to her budding career as an online streamer. This was a good move, as she is one of the most successful Twitch streamers in Canada.

6. She started her career on a shoestring

Pokimane didn’t have the best equipment when she began her streaming career. Poki started with a personal computer that cost her just $250. The celebrity vlogger purchased the PC from an online classified ad. She bought the PC after the League of Legends ranking moved to the Platinum level. She became passionate about her live streaming and needed better access to devote more time to her career. She played under the gamer take Pokimane with is a portmanteau from Pokemon. Pokimane has shown us it doesn’t take a lot of money to pursue your dreams. You can start small and go big along the way.

7. Anys partnered with Epic Games

Pokimane struck a deal with Epic Games in 2018. This is the company that develops “Fortnite.” They sponsored a pro-am event in which she was a participant, pairing celebrity streamers in a Battle Royale mode that became one of the biggest events of her career. They paired her with Desiigner, a famous rapper, but when he couldn’t make it, Josh Hart, a basketball player, replaced him in the contest. She has reached the status of superstardom with her “Fortnite” streams.

8. Pokimane is a wealthy streamer

According to Game Rant, Pokimane has already made more money by the time that she was just 23 years old than many people do in their lifetimes. They estimated her net worth two years ago to be around $2.5 million. This moved her up into the multimillionaire club. It would have likely taken her far longer to achieve such financial success had she completed college and gone to work as a chemical engineer.

9. Pokimane has cut some exceptional deals

Pokimane has signed contracts with a variety of brands to help increase her wealth. Fans are just one source of revenue for her. She also struck deals with Lineage 2, AzurLane, Geico, Epic Games, Hot Pocket, and others to monetize her streaming site. She is not only a talented gamer, but she also has a great business sense and she is an entrepreneur.

10. She’s a high ranking celebrity on Twitch

Pokimane has become one of the biggest celebrities on Twitch. Her ranking at the end of 2019 was number 12 of all Twitch streamers, both active and inactive. In her career, she had 3,643,563 followers, which is an astronomical number. This contributed to her high ranking. She has been at the top of the list for a few years now, at least on Twitch.

11. Pokimane shows class in awkward moments

Pokimane, like many other Twitch streamers, provides her mailing address so fans can send her gifts if they like. Some of them are cool and others are weird. Some gifts she has received are downright embarrassing, but she takes it all in stride and finds something positive to say about them when she shows them online to her audience. One of the more unusual gifts was a stun gun. She also received a fart filter and many other strange items. She has a lot of class and doesn’t make anyone feel bad, even when they send her gift that are questionable.

12. Pokimane has a track record for being noncontroversial

Pokimane has one of the cleanest personal histories of all Twitch streamers online. She’s stayed away from controversies and there isn’t much in her personal history to dig up, at least not that we know of so far. Poki got into a feud a few years ago, but it wasn’t of her making. She has a great deal of integrity and would rather step aside than become embroiled in controversial conversations and ongoing feuds.

13. She has risen in ranking over the past three years

The Famous People confirms that Pokimane has risen in popularity since 2018. Her previous overall ranking was #12 of all Twitch streamers. As of 2021, she has risen several notches to occupy the 7th ranked vlogger spot. She is among the top ten bloggers currently.

14. She’s been a gamer from an early age

You can tell by the way Pokimane plays games during her online streaming shows she is an experienced gamer. She developed her passion while she was still a young child. This is a passion that she never outgrew or became tired of. Pokimane knows a lot about the game and others enjoy watching her play and learning more about moving up in the levels from her. The first game that she got into as a child was “League of Legends,” and it has been a favorite of hers for all these years.

15. She is also a celebrity YouTube streamer

Pokimane is known for her Twitch streaming, but she is also a celebrity streamer on YouTube. She posted her first videos on YouTube in February 2013. Pokimane changed the name of her channel to accommodate requests made by her fans. She had her YouTube channel before she started her Twitch streaming. Many of her fans didn’t know that she got her start on YouTube. She started her second YouTube channel a year later and converted to this as her primary streaming channel, with over 1.3 million subscribers.

16. She is a versatile vlogger

Pokimane does far more than stream game content on her social media challenges. She has a diverse content base that also includes other videos, including challenges, videos of her random thoughts, messages to her viewers, and other vlogs. Pokimane knows how to change things up to keep them interesting while staying true to the content that her fans and subscribers enjoy.

17. She has three YouTube channels:

Pokimane continues to expand her reach. She currently has three YouTube channels along with her Twitch channel. She has one channel that is dedicated to only ASMR-related videos and posts. This channel is immensely popular with a reported 30 million views and over 293, 000 subscribers. It’s no wonder that she is incredibly wealthy.

18. Pokimane has multiple social media accounts

We’ve already discussed the three YouTube channels and Twitch account that Pokimane owns, but this is not the extent of her reach to audiences. In addition to the four popular channels on which she still streams live content, she also maintains social media accounts on other platforms. She is also a big celebrity on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It seems that Pokimane is everywhere on the internet that you look. In the last report, her Instagram account has over 790,000 followers. She is quickly approaching the million mark on that site. She does the most interaction with her fans and followers on Facebook, however.

19. Asia intrigues Pokimane and she may move there one day

We also learned that Pokimane has a special place in her heart for Asia. She has a YouTube channel strictly for posting videos to her viewers and fans in China. She started the channel at the beginning of 2018, and since that time, the number of subscribers has grown past 6,000. Pokimane is fond of the “Pokemon” animated series and it’s where she came up with her gamer tag. She loves anime and you can tell by many of the videos that she posts about anime and anime characters that it is another of her passions. She hopes to one day move to Japan, although she is of Moroccan and Canadian citizenship.

20. Pokimane’s list of talents is extensive

It would take volumes to list all the many talents of Pokimane, but we can give you an overview here. Many of her videos achieved a high-ranking status that puts her so high on the favorite vlogger’s ranking. She has listed multiple popular videos across four channels. Her continent is always fresh and interesting. She knows how to change things up without losing the elements that make her so popular with followers. Pokimane is also an entrepreneur who owns an online store. Her online store partners with “Meta Threads.” She sells a variety of different merchandise that includes her line of clothing. She stocks all sizes for women and men, including T-shirts, sweaters, and more. Pokimane is of mixed heritage and speaks three languages fluently, including Moroccan Darija, English, and French. She is an essential member of Offline TV and serves as a fun content creator. It’s a YouTube community of gamers that is big on collaboration to help one another grow their brands. She also includes shopping and traveling videos on her sites. Pokimane is also a high-achieving celebrity streamer who has won many awards and accolades. In 2017, she won “Best Twitch Streamer because of the significant growth her channel experienced for the year. She followed them up by continually moving up in her overall ranking status as a vlogger.

Final thoughts

It’s not hard to see how Pokimane became a wealthy young woman by the time she turned 23. Her net worth continues to increase as does her popularity. She stands as a role model for many young entrepreneurs because she earned a fortune by doing the things she loves.

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