“Virginity, I Choose You!”


I would hope that this is a joke, but looking at that kid, and seeing the passionate love for Pikachu in his eyes, I really don’t think it is.

Being somewhat of a nerd myself, I normally don’t hate on my fellow brethren. But this guy is to nerds what rednecks are to white people. In my eyes, it’s perfectly acceptable to bust out a game or two of Pokemon on the DS, but to have your senior portrait taken with Pikachu? You deserve to be ridiculed your whole life and then die alone. Sorry if that was too harsh, but I want to whack this kid on the head with stick that says “Common Sense” on it.

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  1. I’m in the same boat as you looking at that picture, seeing as I’m on the nerdy side among my circle of peers, none of my friends has an interest like me in Star Trek, Star Wars, or MMO such as Wow. But come on, what kinda grown ass adult would even admit to owning a stuffed Pikachu, let alone be seen in public, to even have your senior portrait with it? I’ve concluded that his is fake, and that’s his gf he’s hugging has been photoshop over. Any contradictory thought will have me worried over the survival of our species.

  2. I, also, was somewhat of a nerd in high school. But dang it I had girlfriends and “friendly relations” with them! And even though I have a stuffed plush monkey, I don’t get pictures pictures taken with it. As for the pic being faked, I won’t automatically assume that. If you’re a regular here, there have been some very bizarre pics that roam the interwilds out there.

  3. Is it possible that this guy is mentally disabled? Like perhaps he’s mentally still 8? If that’s the case, I feel bad for making fun of him.

    If he is actually mentally 18 years old and just loves Pikachu THAT much, well at least he’s not hiding who he is. Hopefully someday he’ll find another guy who also loves Pikachu to spend his time with, how sweet…

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