Pokemon, But with Animals Instead


Alright, I’ve been sent this by about a dozen people, including my own roommate, so I thought it was about time to feature it on the site here.

You all know how much we love Pokemon here at Unreality, and therefore yes, as many of you have suggested, I DO find this hilarious.

It’s called POKEMON BUT WITH ANIMALS INSTEAD and it’s made by UK comedy fiend, Ham Wallet. Sounds delicious. It’s a brief runthrough of the early stages of the game, had it been made with actual animals instead of made up ones with superpowers. Check it out above.

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  1. I’m sorry? Was this meant to be funny? I’ve been an avid reader of Unreality now for over a year, but this is the least funniest thing I have seen on here…

  2. I don’t know if it’s the bottle of wine I chugged the last hour, but I laughed like a little kid at this, being somewhawt a poke-nerd myself.

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