Plants vs. Zombies Comes to Life, So to Speak


Plants vs. Zombies is without a doubt the best game I’ve ever gotten for my iPhone. I played a bit of the PC version, but  the iPhone edition is 90% of the same game for a fraction of the cost. In fact, I urge you to stop reading this post, go to the app store and pick it up right now. I don’t know how to link to iTunes from here, but you can figure it out. Pay them $3 or $5 or $10 or whatever they’re asking for it these days, as I promise it’ll be worth it.

Anyways, where was I? Oh right, someone made this awesome real life version of the game in their yard out of…well, I’m not sure really? Lawn ornaments? Those pea shooters look pretty damn legit, I have to say.

Sadly, there’s only one zombie hand, and I would suggest a wider-angle shot that features the builders dressed up like zombies reading newspapers or wearing traffic cones on their head.

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