Pink Floyd Remastered for the NES


I may be too young to know anything about Pink Floyd besides that Dark Side of the Moon fits really well with The Wizard of Oz, but I know some of you out there have to be fans, which is why I’m posting this pretty cool project where someone took the band and remastered some of their better tracks for the NES.

It’s a bummer they don’t go along with any actual gameplay, but I think they’d probably be pretty trippy set to Mario Bros. or Zelda. Or really anything, it’s Pink Floyd after all.

My favorite track is above, but I’ve posted some more after the jump.






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  1. Us and Them was awesome!

    Pink Floyd is right near top of my favorite bands list. Not to mention The Wall is one of my favorite movies.

    And yes, The Dark Side of the Moon with enough psychedelics does sync up to the first 45 minutes of the original Wizard of Oz. You just need to hit play on the cd on the second lions roar of the MGM symbol.

    Does it work sober? I have no idea.

  2. I am 15 and I absolutely love Pink Floyd. Roger Waters is one of my biggest idols, and Syd, Dave, Rick, and Nick are all fun too. I wish more people knew about some of their lesser known albums though, like A Saucerful of Secrets and Meddle, because they are all great.

    I am psyched for the wall concert!

  3. @ Caleigh: It’s great to see younger people still getting into Floyd. While I agree Meddle is a lesser known album, I would hope most people are familiar with Echoes (the signature track on the album).

    Echoes is a perfect example of why I love Floyd so much. They were never afraid to draw sounds from all over the place and make them work.

    All time favorite Floyd song? Shine on You Crazy Diamond

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