Pikakitten is Half Cuteness, Half Animal Cruelty, Half Photoshop

I’ve had this in the archive for about a week now, as a zillion of you have sent it in and I haven’t had time to post it. What, you think I like Pokemon or something?

Welllll of course I do, and this is right up my alley as I also happen to like real animals as much as virtual ones. I’ve decided that this probably isn’t a dye job, though I do think that would be possible, mainly due to the soulless black eyes seen here that I hope to God aren’t somehow natural.

That being said, if this is in Japan, and I wouldn’t put it past them to actually genetically engineer cats to look like this.

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  1. Half (1/2) Cuteness, Half (1/2) Animal Cruelty, Half (1/2) Photoshop

    That makes 1 1/2.

    1/3 Cutness, 1/3 Animal Cruelty, 1/3 Photoshop would have made more sense.

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