Physics Fails Happened in the Old West Too It Seems


This post is a sequel to the Skate 3 one from yesterday, where the physics engine tended to freak out any time anything out of the ordinary happened in game.

But as it turns out, it isn’t restricted to Skate, and similar craziness can happen in Red Dead Redemption as well. I have to say, at the most I only saw a glitch or two in the game, and nothing this absurd, so I’m not sure if this person like microwaved their game disc or what.

In any case, it’s pretty hilarious to watch, and John Marsten has never looked so damn silly. Check it out above.

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  1. Some of those happened to me too. Most fun I had was when I shot a guy on a carriage and he disappeared into nothing and when I got stuck under the ground in a demon world, ended up having to cook a dynamite stick because I couldn’t get out.

  2. Not unusual stuff. Red dead redemption in my opinion is the best worst game 😛 meaning that its an incredible game but in the few hours i have played i have seen many programming mistakes

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