Peter Griffin Plays Modern Warfare 2


It’s not everyday two great pieces of media come together like Family Guy and Modern Warfare 2 (though the greatness of each is sure to be debated by many), and so when it does happen, I feel obliged to cover it here.

In a recent Family Guy, there’s a short 30-second clip that has Peter sucking ass at Modern Warfare 2, something all of us can relate to at one point or another. I was surprised to see them use actual in-game footage however.

Listen for Quagmire at the end. Also, Favela sucks.

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  1. lol. I gave family guy a go a while back. I couldn’t stand the repetition, stupidity and lack of creativeness and plot. I know it’s a cartoon stupidity is what makes them stand out along with different people having different taste. I prefer cartoons like Futurama and American Dad. I don’t like the whole “like the time i/he/she/we/they/etc” family guy has going. And Favela? I guess one of the biggest reasons I like the map is because I loved the score Hanz Zimmer provided for that map/setting in the campaign.

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