Parks and Recreation Goes Casablanca

If you’re not watching Parks and Recreation, you can go to hell, because it’s one of the best shows on TV and if it gets cancelled I’m blaming YOU for watching Two and a Half Men instead.

But fans of the show should appreciate this fan-made poster that renders the cast in the style of Casablanca. But it’s not just any fan, it’s Mike Mitchell, who you’ll probably remember did that awesome “I’m With Coco” poster back when that whole NBC drama was going down.

Ron Swanson should start wearing hats like that.

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  1. I am not a advid watcher of this show, I caught a bunch at the beginning of season 1 and it never really clicked with me, I have been able to watch a few lately and they really seem to have hit their groove, I haven’t added it to my DVR or anything but it has def gotten better as the show has gone on and i do chekc them out on demand when i can, but not to the point of where i watch every new episode like ido with the office and community.

    I still don’t think that it is on par with Community which i think is the current best show on their thursday night lineup, with office (i know they hit a lull but i think they have come out of it recently and been better) coming in after that and then 30 rock then parks and rec, Imo. i do think it is worth checking out at this time as they have hit their stride and seem to really be clicking, i love the addition of Ben to the series and hope he sticks around.

  2. I think they got much better after season 1. I admit the giant pit made for some great moments but I feel like in general they were still discovering what they wanted the show to be. I also agree that Ben was a good addition.

    I pretty much watch the whole block of NBC shows on thursday night and would have a hard time nameing my favorite. Id say a toss between 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and Community. The office isn’t as enjoyable as it once was but is still worth a few laughs. I keep watching Perfect Couples and Outsourced to see if they get better.

  3. I watched a few episodes of Outsourced and was not impressed, As a Raiders fan i did love that scene with Baider dressed as a Raiders fan, but on the whole that show isn’t worth the time, Perfect Couples I have never scene but I am not an Olivia fan (well not her acting).

    I still put the Office up there because of how much I loved the first couple seasons and it has been habit to watch it, I love Micheal and think the show is dead when he leaves so I am enjoying that last real season of the Ofiice.

    30 Rock is great but for some reason don’t regulary watch it, I tell myself I am going to catch up on past season and then watch it but I never do.

    I did get to catch the Park and Rec where Ron wants to go to the steak house, that episode was great!

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