Here’s another one for you SC2 faithful out there. It’s a strategy that I didn’t really even know was possible, but it’s pretty amazing to watch it unfold. It’s a swarm of over 400 Overlords that overrun your enemy’s base and cause enough chaos for you to go in with a team of Mutalisks and tear shit up while they frantically try to target you amidst the sea of space-cows.

Sure, it costs uh, 40,000 minerals to pull off, but if you get enough map control it’s probably worth it. Plus, you can pour so much creep on the ground, no one on the map can even build anything else. Has anyone else seen this in-game so far? Did it work because you were just stunned from the sheer ridiculousness of it?

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  1. Hey Paul, Just picked up the Beta for it by preordering, have you considered doing the same?

    And no i havent seen this done, but my god its one of the most brilliant things Ive ever seen.

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