One of the Scariest Places on Earth


I’ve seen some terrifying “themed” rooms in my time, but this is without a doubt the most horrifying. I’m afraid to know what she does with that cardboard cut-out when the lights are out.

I can only hope she doesn’t have kids, so this photo getting out doesn’t embarrass any of them to death as it surely would. Though someone that obsessed with a fictional vampire probably never found anyone to settle down with in the first place.

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  1. This is the epitome of what is wrong with the modern world. Only I would miss browsing the internet so I can laugh at pictures of people like this and watching decent movies too much, I would say ban all modern technology except that which is used to save lives.

    Then gather all the people who can’t live without their fix of Twilight or whatever retarded new fangled fad they have discovered into one giant arena where they all fight to the death. The winner is allowed to rejoin normal society having learned their lesson.

    And we will have rid the human genepool of all that is holding us back from evolving into superhumans or something like that……..

  2. I hardly think this is the “epitome of what is wrong with the modern world.”

    Who is she hurting by doing this? So she’s made her bedroom into a shrine for a fictional character in a book. Unless she’s running around in public smacking people with the book, I say let her be happy in her little world.

    There’s a helluva lot worse things wrong with this world then people that obsess over one thing.

  3. Well I may have let my hatred of all things Twilight related blind me in relation to the comment.

    I take your constructive criticism on the chin good sir and will try to be a more decent human being in the future.

    Though I would pay good money to see her going round smacking people in the face with the book. It would make the pain of being forced to watch the first movie seem somewhat bearable.

  4. The movies are the best part of the whole Twilight thing. They’re so bad, they’re funny. Grab your favorite beverage, a bowl of popcorn and put in New Moon. It’s hysterical.

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