Oblivion Says No, You Can’t Go Deeper

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I promise you once it gets closer/is released, this site will be chock full of Elder Scrolls content as it’s one of my favorite series ever. And by favorite series I mean I played 100 hours of Oblivion, and none of the other games, but whatever, I’m still allowed to be a fan.

I was emailed this rather humorous image that takes place during one of the bizarre dream sequences from the game, and was done non-ironically as Inception had not come out yet. As I recall, this whole level was kind of terrifying, and hopefully Skyrim is full of similar mindf***s.

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  1. I am sorry your not allowed to be a fan of the elder scrolls unless you have played at least morrowind. You really need to have played arena and daggerfall too but morrowind is a must. Don’t make me break out my 12 original arena floppy disks or my compusa edition daggerfall cd.

  2. I’ll back you up as someone who loves Oblivion, but only played the elder scrolls. I seriously must have spent weeks of my life on that game, and I don’t think i’ll be able to resist doing the same with Skyrim. So much for graduating college.

  3. P.S. I found that level terrifying. I may have ejected my laptop from my lap a number of times. I’m surprised it still works at all.

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