Now THAT’S The Mass Effect Cosplay I’ve Been Looking For


About a week ago, I showed you some truly awful cosplay from the Mass Effect universe. Lord knows they tried, but in the end, they ended up looking like the Normandy got caught in a tailspin and landed on the planet Lame.

But now, I present to you, the way Mass Effect cosplay, SHOULD be done. In video form we have female Shepard, Tali Z’Hotness and a fully animatronic grunt who makes the audience go wild. Is this a contest? Because if is, start throwing ribbons at them immediately.

Side note: Has anyone dl’ed/played the DLC for Mass Effect 2? I’ve heard close to nothing about it, and am wondering if it’s actually worth getting.

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  1. In answer to your question, I haven’t played any of the DLC (even though I love the game), but I’ve read the IGN reviews on them. Overlord got a 9.0, and the other two, Lair of the Shadow Broker and Kasumi’s Stolen Memory, both got 7.5s. Definitely try out Overlord (I intend to do so myself, eventually), and as for the other two, they’re probably worth it, based on the awesomeness of ME2.

  2. which dlc do you mean?

    i got all except the armor and/or weapon dlc’s and i think they’re quite good. no threwn out money ’til now :p

  3. So far I’ve picked up all the mission and character DLC. I’ve not bought any new equipment yet. ME2 is the first game which I’ve enjoyed enough to actually buy the DLC and I think it adds additional depth to the game.

    One suggestion I would make is to get the DLC and then play the game through again. As part of a full run through it works really nicely but if you have completed everything else and then do the DLC it goes a bit quickly.

    I’m currently waiting for the next bit of DLC, I’m looking forward to shooting the Shadow Broker.

  4. They got Judge’s Choice and a couple other awards but lost Best in Show to Viva Las Villans who weren’t really that impressive. They only won the one award too. Guess nobody else was overly impressed either.

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