Nintendo’s New Console

How good is Nintendo’s new console going to be? Well words don’t quite do it justice, so I had better let Ruby Rhod explain for me.

But really, they have all third parties on board? I had no idea. I guess that’s what happens when you create a system that’s more powerful than a toaster and can load more than just a game’s title screen. I’d say I’m joking, but that’s what they actually said about Resident Evil 5.

Nintendo does have the most first party franchises out there that get people excited, and if they can add effective third party support? Then whatever the hell this console is, provided it goes easy on the gimmickry, might actually be worth picking up.

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  1. i think a lot of the older gamers that grew up playing games when nintendo ruled the world might be excited (i am) but reaching the current generation will be tough because the wii didnt appeal to them

  2. From what I overstand… Nintendo supports John Titor in 2012. It’s good 2 see real THIRD-PARTY SUPPORT! Thanx Nintendo!

    Nintendo/Ron Paul = game 4 freedom!

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