‘Ninja Assassin’ Trailer Fills Its Quota of Both Ninjas and Assassins


Did you like Korean pop star Rain’s ass-kicking appearance in Speed Racer? Then you’ll love him in this next Wachowski-produced endeavor, Ninja Assassin, where he plays well, a ninja assassin who does all sorts of slow motion kung fu moves and fights with a knife attached to a chain.

I’m told there’s some sort of underlying plot that has to do with things like “honor” and “betrayal” and all that, but I’m guessing 95% of the audience will be attending to see two hours of Matrix-like fighting with ninja weapons, and the other 5% will be Korean schoolgirls who are in love with Rain.

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  1. I had a enought ‘random story to set up unnecessary bloody violence’ movies in the nineties.
    I don’t know, the “trained supersoldier has to fight on his own now and kicks ass” theme is kinda cool but sooo worn out. Unfortunately this doesn’t look as “whoa!?” as Matrix or as fun as Kill Bill. Well, it will be better than Elektra, thats for sure.
    Paradoxically one half of my mind says “hey, they should do a real version of ghost in the shell”. The other half says “Nooo! Stop ruining movies.”

  2. @ Laplace

    I’d love to see a Ghost in the Shell movie. Good idea. But the “nooo” part I agree with, too.

    If it’s going to be all style for this one, hey, at least it’s ninjas.

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