New Terminator Salvation Trailer has Some Bold Predictions for 2018


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I mean, I know the time line of the original trilogy, but do we really have to pretend that we’re going to have invented fully functional five-story/motorcycle/gatling gun toting/human replicating robots by the year 2018. I mean come on, that’s like midway through Sarah Palin’s second term as president. But whatever, I’m just going to pretend it’s 2080 so I can just enjoy the damn thing.

Oh by the way, I think I forgot to mention that this trailer is THE BEST DAMN THING I’VE EVER SEEN. I mean seriously, I have been in no way excited for this movie, but honestly this trailer has gotten me super jacked. Is it because of the ballin Nine Inch Nails track in the background? Maybe, but the project actually looks pretty well thought out and it reminds of what a possible Battlestar Galactica prequel movie might look like if they had the special effects budget.

I’m torn between being the most excited for this, Wolverine, G.I. Joe or Transformers. I’d include Watchmen in this list, but A) I know I’m the most excited for it and B) I’m seeing it in nine hours. Booyah!

Watch trailer:


Hi-def over at Yahoo! (probably worth it).

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  1. i agree it’s so odd to see what they have in that 2018 but it works with the original terminator. too late now to make it match our current times. they were kind of obligated to honor what the “future” was in the original 80s film.

    i liken it to watchmen. it’s just an alternate timeline. it’s like saying watchmen is ridic because of nite owl having a ship like that in the 80s

    and yes i was somewhat worried about terminator being mcg is directing but the more i see the john/marcus storyline developing the better it looks

  2. Well… if it were 2080 then John Connor would be 100 years old or so. That would make a good leader? >.>
    Also 2018 is a good year. I think computers evolve faster than humans as they have the ability to change both their design and programming. Specially when Skynet is in charge and right now has 1 mission: Kill all humans!

  3. In all fairness, the Terminator franchise also takes place in a world where we had a global defense network Supercomputer by 1997. Technology seems to be accelerated a few decades.

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