New Multiplayer Trailer Proves Halo Reach is Halo 4


After watching this trailer for what is allegedly Bungie’s “last” Halo project, Halo Reach, I have to wonder why exactly it is they’re not calling it Halo 4, which I would assume would spur sales even further if they were marketing it as true sequel.

As you can see from this trailer, the game is a complete reinvention of 3, with new guns and a new-ish looking combat system, all of which looks pretty awesome. I don’t quite understand all the various game modes they keep flashing on the screen (in Headhunter you need to get…headshots? And skulls fall out of the dead body when you do?), but I’m a lot more excited about this project than I used to be.

The only reason I could see this NOT being Halo 4, was if they either don’t have a campaign mode, or if they do have one, but it doesn’t continue Master Chief’s story. Though to be fair, I don’t think that many people are attached to the character to any significant degree. Put anyone in a Spartan-ish set of armor, and it’s pretty much the same guy. Sorry, but it’s hard to relate to a guy who barely talks whose face you never see.


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