New G.I. Joe Clip Online

Yes, the clip confirms my response when I found out a live action G.I. Joe movie was in the works.  It is going to SUCK.  “Nice shoes?”  Get worse.

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  1. Not trying to pull the race card here, but both this and Wolverine (another horrible movie) just happened to have a “cool” Asian guy as a shooter. It doesn’t really bother me, it’s just something I noticed. Agent Zero wasn’t originally asian if I recall correctly. Is this a pattern for action movies?

    But anyway, with this movie being directed by the same dude that did the Mummy, the first thing I thought that it would be goofy and not take itself seriously. Hopefully it’s in the same vein as that, but not crappy like the Wolverine movie… and hopefully G.I. Joe has an actual budget to have decent special effects. Yes Wolvie, I’m talking about your claws, and Gambits flipping… Yo Joe!

    I see this movie getting under 30% at Rotten Tomatoes.

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