New Angels and Demons Poster Reminds Me that Movie Still Exists

 angels-and-demons.jpgWhat the hell Tom Hanks and Ron Howard? Can we stop pretending like you’re not wasting your time on these stupid Dan Brown novels? The DaVinci Code was awful, and not just because of Tom Hanks’ hair, and I think I speak for the entire country when I say we care even less about Angels and Demons.This whole series is like National Treasure minus humor plus Indiana Jones minus action. So what does that leave us? A lot of fabricated historical exposition and puzzle boxes.Angels and Demons is in theaters May 15th. Like I care.

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  1. I’m sensing a real pattern here Sub… your posts could basically be listed in two categories “chicks I whack off to” or “stuff I can’t stand but can’t stop writing about”.

    You don’t come off as witty, or even having anything particularly interesting to say. Instead you just sound like a perturbed 14 year old who is upset that the world doesn’t just serve your own needs and desires.

  2. Perhaps you should consider that, unlike National Treasure and Indiana Jones, movies such as The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons require the viewer to actually think. I enjoy a mindless action film as much as the next guy but I still find a place for movies that make me think.

    On a separate note – why are so fixated on Tom Hanks’ hair?

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