My Reaction to Any Real 3D Movie

Being forced to watch a movie in 3D is annoying, as it’s happening more frequently now as my local theaters have decided against offering any 2D versions of movies like Jackass and Sanctum.

3D is bad enough, but it gets even worse once you’re handed Real 3D glasses. It’s the opposite tech of what James Cameron used in Avatar, meaning it’s dark, blurry and makes the movie significantly worse, despite costing 50-100% more for the ticket.

I don’t usually have a knife on me after the film wraps, but I have been known to break the glasses in half. What? I paid an extra $4 for them, I can do what I want with them until you let me just bring my own and stop charging me extra.

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  1. Wow, that is surprisingly….badass. I drove 20 minutes to a more expensive theater to pay the same price for a 2D version of a movie rather than be forced to watch a film in 3D. I am utterly sick of that shit. The technology has not advanced since the 80’s (and possibly 50’s) as far as I can tell and I see no excuse for this obnoxious fad to be making such a massive comeback. Until you don’t need the glasses, piss of, 3D. Avatar was cool, but now I reflexively roll my eyes every time i hear the “in 3D” announcement in a trailer. To quote a great woman: bored now.

  2. Amen. After watching like five 3D movies I have decided to only go to 2D versions. Especially after the last time going to a semi 3D movie. I think it was Tron. A 3D movie where it was better to keep of the glasses.

  3. It’s funny how movies are now selling themselves totally based on their 3D-ness. The best example I can think of is that new Nicholas Cage movie Drive Angry Shot in 3D. You see, I’m not even sure if the movie is only called “Drive Angry” or if the entire title really is “Drive Angry Shot in 3D” because of how often they mention it in the adverts. I couldn’t tell you one other fact about the movie other than it’s in 3D.

  4. i agree with you entirely. im pissed that my local theatre is offering both 2D and 3D versions of movies; that means im losing a screen which could be put to better use. the big thing that bugs me is that 3D truly hasn’t evolved since the 80’s. it may not be red/blue anymore, but its still stupid and cretainly NOT actual 3D. further more “3D” tvs that are coming out advertising that they provide a true 3D experience. WRONG! all its showing is depth; this may be a form of 3D, but its not “image coming off the screen” like you see in samsung ads. im naming names, this is BS. its all for money.

    the ONLY movie i’ve seen explain their 3D effect is Mars Needs Moms. the guy was talking about making a black hole, and having the centre of the hole look bottomless with the 3D effect.

  5. Every opinion I have about 3D movies has already been posted (which I’m happy about btw!). Here’s my experience though:

    When the new Narnia movie came out, I gave in and decided to see 3D. When the AMC I went to charged me $4 extra bucks for the glasses I thought “I don’t think I want to see this that much”, but still decided to try it out. It only took the previews and I went back out and got a refund. There was a depth effect to the picture, but the colors didn’t line up properly and so the trailers looked like they had a bad hue. I’m still pissed about having to pay four bucks for glasses.

    Also, I’m pissed because people don’t need 3D TVs to watch 3D movies at home. It’s just a fad companies are cashing in on because of all the ignorant consumers. I’m glad you posted this Paul.

  6. Good thing in Aus is, we buy them once for an increased 1 dollar on our ticket and we can re use them all we want, if we bring our own pair from previous times we pay no extra.

  7. Why don’t you bring your own glasses, buy a ticket to whatever movie is next door to the one you actually want to see then just go into the movie you do want to see. Used that a few times when my friends and I were too young to see R-rated movies.

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