My, My Samara, How You’ve Grown

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I’m unapologetic that The Ring is one of my favorite horror films of all time, and even more so that I hold the controversial belief that it’s actually far better than the original Japanese version. Yeah, I said it. AND IT’S TRUE.

Part of what made our version great was the creepy rendition of Samara, who was played by Daveigh Chase back in 2002. Well, it’s 2010 and look who grew up! Chase in now 20 and more likely to charm your pants off than burn your flesh with her mind.

Side note: The Ring 2 is one of the worst follow-ups to any movie in any genre that I’ve ever seen.

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  1. I liked the Japanese version of the Ring, but you’re right, the American version is very very good too. Not like Shutter, which they completely fucking ruined in remaking.

    Side note: The Ring 2 is one of the worst follow-ups to any movie in any genre that I’ve ever seen

    Very true. It’s right up there with Cadyshack 2 and Blair Witch 2.

  2. The Ring is actually a really good movie. It was THE movie that got me into horror films.

    The classic scene where Samara came out the TV set the bar a little higher for american horror.

    Yes its originally Japanese, I know, but after the Ring sooo many “copycats” came out.

    And you cant find a horror movie that doesn’t have a gross little girl with black hair in her face.

    O and yes, Samara is hot now. Really cute. Cuter than that Zooey chick you guys always rave about.

  3. From my experience, the version that you see first is the one you prefer. I saw the American version and definitely prefer it to the Japanese one, but all my friends disagree with me on that one.

    While there were a few jump-scares to keep you on your toes (dead girl in closet, which really got me btw), the majority of the film concentrated on establishing an overwhelming sense of dread that I found impressive, because I usually don’t get caught up in movies like that.

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