MW2’s No Russian Shot in Stunning Cinematic Machinima


(click through to watch in HD on YouTube)

Alright, I understand that this is probably my 25th Modern Warfare 2 post in the last two months, and probably my 3rd “No Russian” related post at that, but I promise, this is worth it. Some guy name Michael Barnes, who owns the PC version of the game, decided to take it and chop it up, using different camera angles during missions to film “No Russian” (and the adjacent¬† mission where you storm Makarov’s estate) as if they were a movie, and the result is absolutely spectacular.

I don’t think I’m over hyping this to say it’s one of the best Machinima videos I’ve ever seen, and when you watch, don’t be impatient, I promise the No Russian part is coming. I was initially confused as well, but it’s all part of the storytelling. Enjoy.

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