Must Be an RPG Hero

As games move further and further toward realism, there’s one genre that still isn’t budging in that direction. That would be the RPG, where even limited inventories are never all that limited, and more often than not your character should end up looking like this guy when all is said and done.

At this rate you could just spin around in a circle like the Tasmanian Devil and end up murdering everything around you. But that would require being able to move, and even with your giant mass of muscles, I don’t think you’d be terribly mobile with two tons of axes and swords strapped to you. And let’s not forget the 97 health and mana potions they didn’t even have room to show here.

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  1. That would be funny just to see a game where people carry everything around with them like the picture.

    All of their equipment and supplies are just hidden on the ship/plane/buggy they ride around in.

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