The Urban Legends Associated With Movies – Real or Bogus?


I’m sure most of you have heard about the “ghost” in Three Men and a Baby.  That’s just one of the many urban legends associated with movies that has manifested over the years.  Of course, it’s totally bogus, but other urban legends are by comparison a bit more believable.  After all, Disney will do anything to make a buck, right?

Whether it’s a suicide, death during a stunt, a supernatural phenomenon, or subliminal sexual messages, rumors of unintentional, bizarre occurrences during movies generate a lot of buzz, and the next thing you know, people recite these urban legends as fact.  Let’s take a look at some of the more prominent urban legends associated with movies over the years, and you can decide for yourself whether or not there’s any merit to them (hint: for the most part, there isn’t):

The Three Men and a Baby “Ghost”


Holy crap!  At 0:36, you can totally see the ghost of the dude who died n the apartment in which this movie was shot!  Or, it was just a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson, and this scene was actually filmed on a sound stage.  Whatever you prefer to believe.

The Little Mermaid “Erection”


Alright, it’s kind of tough to explain this one.  Disney actually got sued by a nutjob (who eventually dropped the suit) over this scene, and the studio claimed that the bulge was really just the minister’s knee.  Disney animators are pretty awesome, so was this poor animation or just some of the employees having some fun?

S-E-X in The Lion King


Does the dust spell out the word “sex?”  Eh, maybe for a split second, but I think this is a coincidence and just a case of people really wanting to see that magic word.

Naughty teenagers in Aladdin


Does the Genie say “Good teenagers take off their clothes?”  It’s pretty tough to make out, but similarly to The Lion King, I think it’s just a case of people wanting to hear those words.

A munchkin suicide in The Wizard of Oz


This kid does a pretty good job of explaining the urban legend, but it turns out that the mysterious object wasn’t a depressed munchkin at all.  It was a large bird borrowed by MGM from the Los Angeles Zoo for use in some of the movie’s outdoor scenes.  Wait, that sounds ridiculous.  I say it’s a suicidal munchkin.

The “exposure” in Teen Wolf (possibly NSFW)


Yes, the guy in the background clearly has his fly down…but do I see a little meatpipe poking its head out right before the guy covers up?  I can’t really tell, but I’m not going to look at this video 500 times to find out.  I can’t tell after 400 viewings, so forget it.

What did I leave out?  Any other urban legends associated with movies you can think of?  Let me know!


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