The Top Ten Realistic Wonder Woman Candidates

Wonder Woman

There’s been plenty of hype about a potential upcoming Wonder Woman movie.  And some actresses like Jennifer Love Hewitt have openly expressed interest in playing the role.   So taking into account a number of factors, I decided to come up with a list of 10 actresses I felt could capture the role quite well.

What factors might you ask?  Well first of all, no blonds.  Sorry Paris Hilton.   Second of all?  I’m trying to take into account their popularity as well as acting experience.  I mean sure I can strap on 10 really hot brunettes we don’t know, but there’s at least something about these 10 women that would probably “work” here.

So let’s dive right in.

Jessica Alba


Alba is an obvious choice but certainly appropriate.  Anyone who’s seen Sin City and Dark Angel can certainly understand where I’m coming from here.  She’s had experience with action movies and wouldn’t you just love to see her in that outfit kicking ass?

Jennifer Love Hewitt


Hewitt is the furthest from this role out of anyone on this list simply because she just doesn’t seem like the action type.  However, given she wants to play the role I think she could nail it.  Just imagine Hewitt going to the gym for 6 months and then blasting out with an amazing body.  It could work.

Megan Fox


Any Questions?

Kristin Kreuk


I think she’s got a great look for Wonder Woman.  Plus she’s got the comic book experience with her role on Smallville.  She may seem too sweet and innocent but no way.  Anyone who’s seen Smallville knows she has her badass moments on the show.

Carmen Electra


I think Carmen Electra would be great for any superhero movie female lead.  It’s just a question of her acting.  Is it good enough?  Frankly I really wouldn’t care.

Demi Moore


You have to admit.  Demi Moore, even in her 50’s would kick ass as Wonder Woman.  Think about it.  She’s a very good actress.  She’s been in action films.  She’s got the perfect hair and body for the role.  I think she could pull it off and quite well I might add.

Olivia Wilde


Just because she’s like the “it” girl right now.  It would make perfect sense for her to step in for this role.  Something tells me she’s already been asked 100 times.

Leighton Meester


Yes, Leighton Meester.  The Gossip Girl star was born for that uniform.  And given her impending sex tape you know she’s got the attitude.

Jessica Biel


Action movie experience.  Rock hard body.  Sexy, yet very tough looks.  Biel could easily do well on that invisible airplane.

Mila Kunis


I think this is a great selection.    I’m not sure what happened to her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall but Kunis is a bonafide hottie right now.  I think she simply grew up.  She looks more like a woman now.  Attach a “wonder” in front of it and I think we have a great candidate.

I’m sure there are more out there but I like these 10.


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