Six Underappreciated Comedies More People Need To See

Humor can be very polarizing, because what one person finds funny, another person may deem incredibly offensive (looking at you South Park). Or what one person finds hilarious, another person could think is juvenile (looking at you Tim and Eric). Funny tends to mean different things to different people, so when you recommend a comedy to most people, you’re taking a gamble. That being said, I am taking a HUGE gamble here, but these are five films that I found incredibly funny, that either not enough people know about or not enough people like. Let’s change that, dammit.

Hot Rod

Directed by Akiva Schaffer

Released in 2007

I won’t lie to you guys, this is the movie that inspired this list. I cannot even sum up in words how hard this film made me laugh first time I saw it. This film stars Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer (A.K.A the Lonely Island guys) famous for their digital shorts on SNL (On A Boat, Like A Boss, Jizz In My Pants, Dick In A Box). In the movie, Andy Samberg plays a wanna-be stuntman who is trying to save up money for his Step-Dad’s operation to save his life so he can kick his ass. Yeah, you read that correctly.

How can you look at this pic and NOT want to see the movie?

The cast of this film is absolutely superb, and this is the film that started my adoration with Danny McBride. I know he always just plays himself, but man, he plays himself SO WELL.

Anyway, I will now list the cast for you, just so you can understand what you’re working with here: Andy Samberg, Danny McBride, Bill Hader, Isla Fisher, Will Arnett, Chris Parnell, and to round it out you got motherf***ing Sissy Spacek as his Mom, and perhaps the most badass dude ever, Ian McShane, as his Dad. I will say the exchanges between Ian McShane and Andy Samberg in this film are my favorite father and son exchanges ever put to celluloid. McShane steals the movie as the emotionally frozen man, capable of nothing more than mocking his son’s inability to grow a mustache.


I will also tell you the movie has the greatest training montage I have ever seen. Be prepared for all other training montages to now need to watch this training montage before they actually do their own training montage, THAT is how good it is. I could go on for days about this movie, but will stop now so you guys can watch it.

Fave Moment: Without spoiling it, I will only say the musical number. Oh, that and Cool Beans. You’ll know what I mean once you see the movie.

Black Sheep

Directed by Jonathan King

Released in 2006

No, this is not THAT Black Sheep. Although that movie, starring the fatlarious Chris Farley, was indeed awesome, everyone has seen that movie so it has no place here. NO, this is the 2006 black comedy from New Zealand about the sheep that eat people.

Yes, you read that correctly, too.

I believe they are having a moment.

I will spare you the heart of the story, but I will tell you some genetically engineered sheep start brutalizing a small farming community for various reasons, and the end result is gory and f***ing hilarious. Think Shaun of the Dead mixed with The Birds, but replace the birds with zombie sheep, and you sort of have an idea. Add into it that kooky New Zealand sense of humor (Flight of the Conchords style) and you have an even better idea. Well, if you associate Flight of the Conchords with singing, then it might have been a terrible comparison, but it works so I am keeping it. Bring on the trolls!


Probataphobia is the fear of sheep. It is a real thing, and at least NONE of my friends suffer from it, which makes this movie timely and socially conscious as well.

I also have to give props to Oliver Driver for his performance as the lead in this film. It is his palpable fear of sheep that makes this movie so damn funny. We all know someone with an irrational fear (I fear that Bethesda will one day make a glitch free game), and to take the idea of that fear and make it something worth fearing was quite well played, even though it’s just for laughs.

Oh and do not mistake this as a film to watch with children. Entrails ARE removed by sheep. This is a zombie movie to a tee, it is just that the zombies are sheep. And that is EXACTLY why it is on this list.

Fave Moment: The initial traffic jam, when you realize that, to anyone else, this would be a mere inconvenience, but for him, this is absolutely the most terrifying scenario he could be placed in. It just sets the tone of the film marvelously.


Directed by Jay Levey

Released in 1989

Alright, I can literally feel half the readers spitting at their screens, and half the readers standing up and cheering as they read this. Yes, I am putting a movie starring Weird Al Yankovic on this list, and I will tell you why. It is stupid, brainless fun. It took his ideas of parodies and took them out of the medium of song, which he was known for, and let him make fun of TV and Movies, instead. Thing is, it worked. Maybe not for everyone, but it worked for me.

Come on, you have to admit it is a great concept.

Plus it has Michael Richards in a pre-racist, pre-Cosmo Kramer- role. You can definitely see the hints of Michaels gift with physical comedy, but he plays a semi-retarded janitor, so highbrow this is not. Hey, I had a semi-retarded janitor who would yell racist stuff at my high school. Wow, it is like three worlds melting into one right before my eyes. But I digress.

While this film certainly didn’t win any scripts for best screenplay (which Yankovik co-wrote) the movie is dumb fun, and it harkens back to a time when the world did not take itself so seriously all the time.


Say what you want about Weird Al, but the guy likes to make people laugh and has no problem making an ass of himself to do so. I give him props for that. Did he ever make another movie? Of course not. Don’t forget, you are reading a movie list from a guy whose favorite movie was Howard the Duck when he was nine, so if you’re looking for Gone With The Wind, I suggest you read elsewhere.

Fave moment: The Rambo parody is awesome. I STILL watch it to this day if I am in a bad mood.


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