Humans vs. Animals in Movies: Who Ya Got?


In real life, there aren’t many animals that a human being could defeat in a fight.  I mean, think about how difficult it would be just to take down an ordinary house cat.  Sure, you’d end up winning, but not without a ton of scratches and bite marks.  A pissed off German Shepard?  Forget it.

In the movies, though, anything is possible, including winning fights against animals far more dangerous than cats and dogs.  I tried to find clips of as many man vs. animal scenes from movies as I could. I tried to avoid clips where the humans have guns or sophisticated weapons, because then it’s not really a fight anymore.  Also, I’m still kind of annoyed I couldn’t find a clip or image of Mac killing a pig in Predator, but I acknowledged it just the same.  If you can think of any I left off – and I am sure you will – let me know in the comments section.  And remember – I’m looking for fights, not killings!  Enjoy.

Happy Gilmore vs. Alligator – Happy Gilmore


Nice to see Happy avenge Chubbs.  Ah, they days when Sandler made funny movies.

Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin vs. Bart the Bear – The Edge


The real star here is Bart the Bear, who also appeared in The Great Outdoors.  He’s like the Marlon Brando of bears.

Mongo vs. Horse – Blazing Saddles


Flounder needed a gun; Mongo just needed his fists.

Jackie Moon vs. Dewie the Killer Bear – Semi-Pro


A pretty underrated comedy in my opinion.  I think that most of Ferrell’s recent stuff is trash – Blades of Glory, Land of the Lost – but Semi-Pro is pretty good.  The fact that bear fighting happens at a basketball game kills me.

Donna Trenton vs. Cujo – Cujo


Click through for the scene.  Yeah, there’s a gun at the end, but first Donna has got to stand up to Cujo with just a bat. In the book, she breaks it over his back and then rams the sharp edge into his eye.

Ted Stroehmann vs. Puffy – There’s Something About Mary


Are you the little guy making all that big noise?

Young Spartan vs. Wolf – 300


I’m not a real big fan of Zack Snyder or 300, but this scene is admittedly pretty bad ass…

Batman vs. Shark – Batman


…and this scene is NOT pretty bad ass.

Steve Zahn vs. Raccoon – Saving Silverman


The old “rodent on the face” gag seems like it’s been done to death, but Steve Zahn is a pretty funny guy so I’ll give him a pass.

Tristan vs. Bear – Legends of the Fall


Very few movies have endings cooler than this one.  Whoa.

Rob Schneider vs. Orangutan – The Animal


I had to use a Spanish version of this clip in order to embed it, but uh, nothing’s really lost in the translation.

Mac vs. Wild Pig – Predator


I really wish I had a clip or at least an image of Mac stabbing the wild pig to death.

Ice Cube vs. Anaconda – Anaconda


I’m still amused by the fact that Ice Cube calls the snake a bitch.


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