It Should Be a Movie by Now: Gargoyles

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by Lucas Tetrault

Does anyone else think that this generation and the generations to follow are getting cut short of awesome afternoon cartoons? What do they watch when they get home from school now-a-days…garbage called Winx Club and Phineas and Ferb that’s what. Our generation had Disney’s Gargoyles, the show kids were blasting through the front door to sit down and watch after a grueling day at school. Grab your DunkAroos, find a comfy spot on the couch and reminisce with me.

Beat that intro … I’m looking at you Adventure Time.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not knocking Adventure Time and the humor behind it but when you compare it to something like Gargoyles – wait, is that even a fair comparison? I’m getting off track here.

During the mid afternoon of October of 1994, our television screens were graced with the premier of Disney’s Gargoyles. The show’s plot was simple – stone gargoyles by day, the ever watchful protectors of humans by night. They were betrayed by the people that they swore to protect only to be turned to stone forever, or until the castle that they habited rose above the clouds. (obviously this happens) The gargoyles wake up only to find themselves in modern day New York and continue to somehow want to protect the humans that don’t deserve them.

What many might not realize is that a lot of the story and sub plots were derived from Shakespeare and medieval Scottish history. I’m talking deep stuff like Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream – is Spongebob even coming close to that?


“Avengers assemble!”

Many of you might be reading this and asking the same question … “Lucas, you honestly think that this could work as a live action movie?” Well, I would’ve chalked this up to a great CGI Animation movie by Dreamworks or the Disney Animation Studio till I watched a not so good movie called I Frankenstein. (please – don’t see it – it’s awful) The point of bringing that up is due to the way they handle Gargoyles coming to life and turning into live actors. The effect is done seamlessly and really plays to the strengths of how a live action Gargoyles film could work. Yes, I agree, watching a human with a tail and wings might seem unorthodox but we’ve been watching plenty of X-Men movies lately haven’t we?

Let’s make this happen! Should I start a petition? What does it take to get a Gargoyles film off the ground? Heck, Marvel even produced some comics in 1995 so there’s that connection too! Ok fine, I’ll do some of the heavy lifting and make some casting calls…


Morpheus approves of my casting.

This was fairly easy, who has a voice like Goliath, but is a strong enough actor to carry the rest of the cast? Lawrence I’m a bad ass Fishburne that’s who.  For the main female lead, I would’ve picked someone else entirely had it not been for the Fox show Almost Human. Why they cancelled it I’ll never know, but in it there is a female detective and as I was writing this she was the only one I kept thinking of to play Elisa, Minka Kelly. If I had to pick some other actors I’d go with Christina Hendricks for Demona, Robert Downey Jr. for Xanatos, and Jonah Hill for Broadway just to name a few. Granted, I’m not sure many of the men picked for the roles would be “fit” enough so they might have to undergo some Spartan treatment in order to be ready for filming.

So what are your thoughts? Am I crazy in thinking that a Gargoyles live action film could work? The adult side of me says yes, but the kid in me says this would rock! (get it?)



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