Eight American Actors Doing Spot On Foreign Accents in Movies


Back in November, my man Sub-Zero wrote an article featuring eight foreign actors with great American accents.  Well, I decided to flip that doodie and try to find eight American actors who do great foreign accents.  Doing a foreign accent isn’t easy.  My British accent sounds way too cockney, and my Australian accent sounds, um, British.  It’s just awful.   Here are eight American actors who, unlike your faithful author, are able to speak with a foreign accent convincingly:

Viggo Mortensen as Nikoli Luzhin in Eastern Promises (Russian)

I think Viggo is half-Danish, but he was born in New York, so that makes him American for our purposes.  Watch the above clip to hear Viggo talk about his Academy Award nominated role and listen to his excellent Russian accent.

Don Cheadle as Paul Rusesabagina in Hotel Rwanda (Rwandan)

Also nominated for Best Actor is Don Cheadle, who delivers a terrific Rwandan accent in the above clip.  Cheadle also did a great British accent in Ocean’s 11, but his performance in Hotel Rwanda is certainly more impressive.

Robert Downey, Jr. as Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder (Australian)

In Tropic Thunder, Downey plays Australian Kirk Lazarus, an actor who is playing the role of a black man in a Vietnam movie.  Downey’s “black” voice is comical – and maybe a bit overdone – but his Australian accent is spot on.  He also did a pretty good Australian accent in Natural Born Killers.  Downey has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Lazarus, but the award is going to Ledger, right?

Brad Pitt as Mickey O’Neill in Snatch (Irish/Pikey)

Why the f*ck do I want a caravan that’s got no f*cking wheels?  Pitt’s a tremendous actor, and I love when he takes these “silly” roles.


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