10 Coherent Movie Trilogies Made from Unrelated Films

I’m a big fan of creative threads I come across on the internet, and sometimes I enjoy sharing them in a format other than a wall of text. I’ve done it before with posts like “15 Movies that Can Also Be Watched Backwards” and it’s been lovely.

Today I’m showcasing a rather fantastic reddit thread that was about unrelated movies you could string together in a trilogy so that the events of the films would make sense. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, you probably will after the first few.

Check them all out below, and feel free to add in your own below:

 1. Good Will Hunting > Ocean’s Eleven > Bourne Identity

A young Matt Damon displays an amazing talent for mathematics, problem solving, predilection for violence, and supreme intellect. He gets caught up in criminal enterprises, and is eventually recruited into the CIA with the help of his parents (who are also masters at deception, but have largely failed as parents for their child otherwise). He then receives Treadstone mental conditioning and tactical training which removes his old life, and he becomes Jason Bourne.

 2. Happy Feet > March of the Penguins > Batman Returns

Little penguins grow up. Adult penguins on a mission. The penguins wreak their revenge on Gotham.

3. Home Alone > Saw > Cube

It’s the story of a boy who takes booby trapping his house to more and more ridiculous extremes.

 4. The Guardian > 2012 > Waterworld

Kevin Costner is super swimming coast guard hero that falls into the ocean never to be found. They tell the story of the man who lives below the sea when Ashton rescues the one guy at the end. The world then floods and becomes a terrible place to live. Kevin Costner returns to reveal he has gills and web feet. He then proceeds to save the girl.

 5. Waiting > Accepted > Idiocracy

See the story of Justin Long as he works his way into and through college to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.

 6. Titanic > Inception > Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio ends up lost at sea, but you never see him die. He’s washed up onto a beach, and then later wonders whether he is crazy or not, and whether he is imagining reality. He gets put in a mental institution, and is about whether what he sees is real, or whether he is just crazy.

 7. E.T. > War of the Worlds > District 9

Small boy helps (supposedly harmless) alien return home. The aliens return and invade the Earth now that they have gathered enough information about the human race. Now that the aliens have failed the ones that survived are kept in camps.

8. Taken 2 (if it had gone badly for his wife) > The Grey > Batman Begins

Bryan Mills loses his wife in Istanbul, then takes up a job hunting wolves in the artictic. He survives a plane crash and subsequent wolf assault, wanders in the snow until he comes across the League of Shadows, which he then joins and ultimately leads.

9. Superbad > Knocked Up > Pineapple Express

Seth Rogen gets kicked off the police force after the Superbad incidents. Moves in with his stoner buddies and tries to create a website that shows every naked scene in feature films. Meets a random girl that’s way out of his league and knocks her up. They get divorced after a couple years, but on good terms. Seth is down in the dumps and decides some incredible weed would cheer him up. Cue James Franco and their spectacular adventure.

10. Up > Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle > Star Trek

After spending his 20’s bumming around with his stoner friend, Hikaru “Harold” Sulu decides to get his act together and, inspired by his time with his old mentor Carl, he joins an organisation dedicated to exploration.



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