The Top 10 Most Popular Web Comics Online Today

Webcomics are one of the most delightful and intriguing things to come out of the post-internet era. Instead of hunting comic shops all over the world for the gems that artists can afford to publish in hard copy, you can type in a search and read comics on any topic. The only problem is where to start. We have a simple solution. Just start with the top ten most popular comics online today. You’ll find plenty of links to related comics by the same artists and their favorites just by reading. Honestly, we could spend the next two years just playing catch up on all our favorites. Maybe we’ll binge read next week, but for now, we curated this list of the all-time best comics online so you can join in on the fun.

Reader Beware! Most of these comics are not like Dennis the Menace. You’ll want to keep your kids and employers away from the screen.

10. Sluggy Freelance

With over a hundred thousand Daily readers, Sluggy Freelance is a long-running worldwide phenom. From the first time, you meet nerds Torg and Raffe you follow their adventures handling the neighbors, vampires, hot assassins, witches, mad science, demons, dimensional travel, an alien secretary and getting two talking animal sidekicks. You’ll be enchanted and amused. Things never quite work out the way these roommates plan, but they manage to keep it together… mostly. If you’ve never seen a bunny hunt mythical embodiments of the holidays or bikini suicide frisbee, then you’re missing out.

9. Oglaf

The instant you open the site Oglaf warns you. This comic started as animated pornography. However, it has grown to be so much more. That said, you’re going to see nudity in spades if you open this page so consider this, and the waiver you have to click your warning that this is NSFW in the extreme. It’s not hard to see why it’s so popular. This comic has been praised for its depictions of gender and LGBT scenarios among its many other adult themes.

8. Schlock Mercenary

There aren’t enough space operas, but Schlock Mercenary aims to increase the very shallow pool by one. The story of a futuristic mercenary company known as Tagon’s Toughs might sound like severe and bloody fare, but nothing could be further from the truth. Once Sergeant Schlock finishes eating, there’s rarely any blood to speak of at all. The ambulatory pile of… we’re still not quite sure, is just one of the many fascinating characters you’ll find helping people or harming them, depending on who pays the best. For the last nineteen years, Schlock, Tagon and the rest of the cast have been traipsing through the stars and generally making a menace of themselves.

7. Order of the Stick

Old school D&D fans will love this satirical take on tabletop gaming. Of course, so will any tabletop playing game fan. If you’re familiar with the ins and outs of RPGs, and not the kind you play with a video game controller you probably already follow this clever series. If you’ve managed to miss it, then now is the perfect time to set the d20 down and take a comic break from your dungeon crawling with Order of the Stick.

6. Cyanide and Happiness

At one point this brilliant comic was getting over a million hits a week. That’s impressive by any standard. Not many kids who are home in bed with strep throat can launch an empire. Most folks won’t start their career with a few stick figure like doodles, but that’s exactly where this dark and edgy comic began. Obviously, the humor that began, when a teenage boy was stuck in bed, is a little juvenile at times, but who doesn’t love a good crotch or fart joke? Follow the exploits of some stick figure guys who have no names and are mainly differentiated by the color of their shirts in this surprisingly humorous comic.

5. Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

It can be tough being a tough guy, especially in a video game. What’s worse is when your end credits roll for the last time, and you have to find something else to do with your life. Sure, Mr. Bubbles from Bioshock might make a great babysitter, but he’s none too fond of letting the kids go home at the end of the day. With more references than Duke Nukem, who also has to find his way to a normal life, this series is a hilarious look at life on the other side.

Changing from being the God of War, or world-saving Dragon Age Cun worshiper can be a bit of an adjustment. Fortunately Commander Badass (Yes that’s his real name) from the future is here to help these ultra-macho dudes work through their daily lives. Things aren’t always easy, but as a follower of Brando, he’s not about to rub it in your face or complain about his hot ex-wife dropping the kids off late. Instead, he takes it in stride and meets Jonsey, the kinda’ hot butcher’s assistant from down the street.

4. Questionable Content

Questionable Content or QC as fans call it is a webcomic roughly based on the artists’ real life. Slice of Life comics have outstanding drama and draw from the humor found in everyday situations just like a sitcom on tv. The series and artist have evolved and changed since it debuted in 2003, and lately, things have taken a slightly scifi turn. Including more robots and AI in the series helps bring it up to date and keep it edgy, but there was always a somewhat futuristic feel to this series.

3. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

If you enjoy the Farside, then SMBC is the comic for you. Perhaps a little darker, and slightly more twisted than it’s predecessor, but then again maybe not. SMBC does self-contained one-shot comic genius daily for the last seventeen years.

2. Girl Genius

Let’s be frank if there are two things we could all use more of its awesome steampunk comics and brilliant female heroines. Girl Genius delivers both and plenty of them. The creators prefer the term Gaslamp Fantasy though since the series draws from cyberpunk and other counterculture genres as well. You might say there are gadgets and gizmos aplenty, but no one is going to marry an underage girl at the end. With some of the most stunning backgrounds and environments of any comic running, it’s no surprise the artist has taken home five Hugo awards.

Agatha Clay starts her journey as a student with dreams of mad-science. Unfortunately, she seldom does anything right. Over time this long lost child grows into her own and looks to the future where Agatha plans claim her birthright. Hopefully, she won’t turn into a monster in the process, but it’s hard to say with that possessive streak.


“A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.”

This immensely popular and often intellectual comic has been making waves for a long time with brilliant, funny people everywhere. The math, philosophy, religion, and science jokes that regularly play into this well loved series are a huge part of what rocketed it to the top of our list. Mostly one-shot style single-page comics, the XKCD universe caters to an ever-expanding audience. Geeky webcomic loving people who enjoy the slightly more highbrow humor are in for a real treat.

Final Thoughts

The internet webcomic explosion has brought hundreds of new worlds and new artists into the public eye. From a kid who’s sick in bed making stick figures tell STD jokes, to a multiple Hugo award-winning science fanatic who’s furthering women’s equality with her smart female mad scientist, you can get anything these days. If you love what you read, most of these artists have books out or Patreon pages and some merch to show love for your favorites. Have you read any of these great webcomics yet? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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