Mortal Kombat’s Web Series Debuts with Much Fanfare and Gunfire


So most of you will remember this video we showed you months ago about a test concept for a Mortal Kombat film that might actually not suck. It was bloody, brilliant and definitely needed to be cultivated.

Well, they didn’t get a movie, but they did get a web show, which is better than nothing, and they managed to get it’s recognizable cast to stick around. Michael Jai White and Jeri Ryan return as Jax and Sonya Blade. Battlestar Galactica’s Tamoh Pennikett is the straight-edge Stryker, and Kano makes anĀ appearanceĀ as well, pre-robot form.

Despite being twelve minutes, it’s not quite as good as the seven minute short. I get that it has to focus on backstory, but it does take a while to pick up. And once it does? I think this team could learn a thing or two about low-budget gun battles from FreddieW.

But yeah, I mean it’s still a cool concept and I’m sure it will pick up as the series goes on. Just remember, the bloodier the better.

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