Mortal Kombat Short Film is Black, Brutal and Will Blow You Away


I use hyperbole a lot on this site because well, I’m a blogger, and it’s just kind of our thing. But trust me when I say that this video is one of the coolest things I’ve seen this year, and that is NO exaggeration.

This is a short seven minute Mortal Kombat film by the guy who directed Fame. Yes, Fame.  It’s a black, brutal look at the world of MK if it were set in some sort of plausible, non magical reality, and it’s meant to be a pitch for a feature film, hence appearances by recognizable faces like Michael Jai White and Jeri “Seven of Nine” Ryan. The video is blowing up the internet right now, which means that hopefully this is the vision we will see brought to life at some point.

I have always said that video games CAN make good movies, but I added a caveat that fighting games never would, due to their usually nonsensical plot structure. But after watching this, I might have to bite my tongue, and I really hope this movie gets made and is as just awesome as these seven minutes. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


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