Mortal Kombat isn’t a Tournament!

I remember about ten years ago, when I was in junior high, CollegeHumor was the go-to site to sneak on and see pictures of girls holding their own boobs with “collegehumor” scrawled across their abs. Today, I’m pretty sure that section of the site still exists, but CollegeHumor has evolved into a viral video factory, churning out a new classic almost every week.

This week’s Mortal Kombat themed video is no exception, as Johnny Cage is dismayed when he finds out the rather unorthodox tournament schedule Shang Tsung has prepared for him.

Someone give these guys their own show. And no, I don’t mean MTV’s “The College Humor Show.” I mean a Robot Chicken type deal where they do 12-20 minutes of these kinds of awesome videos a week.

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  1. Those girls with boobs holding their own boobs with “college humor”, sucks. They did that just to get attention, for they are attention whores themselves as they spam on newgrounds. Plus, how are boobs have to do with humor? College humor isn’t a boob show, if it was then it would’ve been called “College boobs”. How do boobs and humor mix together? Stupid humans, how can they fall for it. And also, American girls are not hot.

  2. Hmm, I’ve seen funnier videos floating about in my time to be honest. Though the bit at the end where he says at least he’s fighting someone normal and he gets mowed was a little funny.

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