Moon: The Adventure Game

One of my favorite sci-fi features in recent memory is Duncan Jones’ Moon, where Sam Rockwell plays a lonely man working at a Moon mining station with only a robot voiced by Kevin Spacey for company.

But soon the threads start to unravel, and mysteries about his presence there start to plague him, and someone thought that this might make for a rather awesome adventure game in the style of Monkey Island, a screenshot of which you can see above.

Sadly it ONLY exists as a screenshot at this point, but one can hope I suppose. Anyway, go to Netflix this if you haven’t seen it and let me know what you think.

[SOURCE, because I totally had a way of knowing this]

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  1. Old-school PC adventure games. Does it get much better than that? Seriously, I remember playing those games and thinking they had ten times more imagination and scope than some of the current games of this generation. The vast amount of potential games had at the time the possibilities they struck inside your head at what was to come was just unparalleled. Fast forward to present day and we’re playing games with concepts that almost wholly have not changed since the PS1/N64 generation. Sure physics in games change, the character models get better and we can move our characters at all points instead of left,right, up, down, and diagonal. But really, the concepts for these games have been literally the same for over a decade. Where’s the innovation? Where’s the new genre? I don’t mean mash two, or more, genres together like GTA for example. I mean new concepts. Is it just me or is anyone else tired (on some level) of shooting things. Shooting things in games was a simple concept when the technology was limited. It was something fun to do when games left everything to the imagination. That concept of hoot everything in sight never died. Where’s the true leap into the next REAL generation of gaming? Where’s the game where we can explore every building, pick up every object, interact with every person?

  2. Hey guys. Thank you so much for the props 🙂 I know I have been in a lull these past many days (the gaming industry is a busy workplace at times ;] ), but I just wanna say that I am brewing up something new… for the future… eventually.

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