Does Anyone Here Watch Monk? I Guess A Ton of People Do


I just read this recently and I’m still trying to grasp it:

“Monk” ended its eight-season run with a bang, becoming the most-watched hourlong series on basic cable.

The Friday series finale of the USA Network dramedy drew about 9.4 million viewers, 3.2 million of them in the adults 18-49 demographic.

It is the largest audience and demo turnout to date, not only for the show and for a USA scripted series but also for a drama series on basic cable, eclipsing the 9.2 million mark for TNT’s “The Closer.” (“Monk’s” final tally is expected to grow further once Live+7 numbers are factored in).

It’s not that I have anything against “Monk” or even its star Tony Shalhoub.  I’m just having a very hard time trying to grasp the show.  And I’ve heard if it weren’t for the fact that you kind of need to spice up the Emmys every once in a while that Shalhoub would win best actor every single year.

Eight seasons and still setting records huh?  Do I even bother with this show?  I mean I enjoyed Shalhoub on Wings.  Does that count at all?  I just can’t see myself liking Monk.

Someone, please enlighten me.

[Stats Via THR]

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  1. I like the show a lot. When my friend told me that he liked the show I had a similar reaction to you, but when i started to watch it i found that the show is very funny, entertaining, and that Shalhoub as Monk is just great to watch.

  2. i just finished watching every episode and was very pleased with the show all the guest stars seem to be big names all the stories are great and they actually had an ending which was a refreshing surprise with all the shows getting canceled and having a real ending

  3. I watched this show for a couple seasons before giving up on it, though I did tune in to the finale (actually the final four episodes or so, just to see Sharona come back). The premise of the show is great but executed poorly. The murders in each episode are lame and predictable and the humor is too often silly and childish. With better writers and a more refined, subtle edge to it the show could have been a classic.

  4. I remember watching the pilot and most of season 1’s episodes an actually laughing out loud. That was not the case as the seasons went on and eventually lost interest by season 2. I would watch episodes when I could but felt that as the series went on, it lost focus and humor, and the characters became caricatures. I’m surprised that the finale did so well, but acknowledge that Tony Shaloub’s as Monk made the show. This might be a show I actually buy the DVD’s of and watch on the regular.

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