Does Anyone Here Watch Monk? I Guess A Ton of People Do


I just read this recently and I’m still trying to grasp it:

“Monk” ended its eight-season run with a bang, becoming the most-watched hourlong series on basic cable.

The Friday series finale of the USA Network dramedy drew about 9.4 million viewers, 3.2 million of them in the adults 18-49 demographic.

It is the largest audience and demo turnout to date, not only for the show and for a USA scripted series but also for a drama series on basic cable, eclipsing the 9.2 million mark for TNT’s “The Closer.” (“Monk’s” final tally is expected to grow further once Live+7 numbers are factored in).

It’s not that I have anything against “Monk” or even its star Tony Shalhoub.  I’m just having a very hard time trying to grasp the show.  And I’ve heard if it weren’t for the fact that you kind of need to spice up the Emmys every once in a while that Shalhoub would win best actor every single year.

Eight seasons and still setting records huh?  Do I even bother with this show?  I mean I enjoyed Shalhoub on Wings.  Does that count at all?  I just can’t see myself liking Monk.

Someone, please enlighten me.

[Stats Via THR]


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